Business Partner

Business Partner


Technology has influenced every part of our life & IT skills are a must for every company today. Therefore, IT training & education has great business potential & starting your own training institute is a profitable & secure business opportunity.
Vats Institute of Engineering and Information Technology Private Limited reputation as a leader in IT training over the past 6 years & a wide network of Centres all over India make it a sound investment for starting your own business. Vats Institute of Engineering and Information Technology Private Limited is the pioneer in IT education franchising with many industry awards for its expertise & experience in the Franchisee business model. Vats Institute of Engineering and Information Technology Private Limited boasts of over 12 years of experience in training students in various sectors like Animation, Hardware & Networking, and Other all over the world. Partner with The VTIIT Society and set up your own business.

New Franchise

If you are looking for business opportunities in the education sector, or an established enterprise/ group looking to enter or expand the area of Information Technology (IT) education and training, then HiiTComputer Education is the best choice.
HiiT Computer also provides franchises.
Basic requirements for getting the computer franchise

1. Eligibility: -

          The person who wants to take the franchisee should be educated and able to handle the center effectively.

2. Infrastructure: -

          Minimum Infrastructure Requirements and Minimum Service Standards:
          The AHC must have following infrastructure facilities

  • Theory Room – At least one theory room with sufficient sitting arrangements, chairs and Whiteboard should be provided to the students.
  • Computer Lab - At least one Computer Lab with sufficient number of Computers with UPS and sitting arrangements should be provided to the students. Number of computers depends upon number of students.
  • Library – A full fledged library equipped with full course material should be provides to the students and/or sufficient space for storing  course material.
  • Generator Facility – Electricity Generator facility should be available either owned or rented for complete electricity power backup of the entire system.
  • Computer with Internet Connection – At least one internet connection enabled computer should be installed to update registrations, student data, fee receipts, attendance, send and receive information to the Hiit with the help of Hiit online portal.
  • Telephone Line – At least one landline telephone line should be provided to the students and Vats Institute of Engineering and Information Technology Private Limited for communication regarding any queries.
  • Parking Space – Sufficient space should be provided to students for parking their vehicles safely.
  • Infrastructure: - There should be enough space for operating a center. The space depends up on the strength of the students.

3. Computers: - There should be at least 10-12 computers in the
4. Staff - The franchisee should have the capable staff with considerable knowledge.